Record Expungement

Do You Want Your Criminal Record Wiped Clean?

We all make mistakes. Why should one mistake haunt you for the rest of your life? At GHC Law, we certainly don’t believe it should, and we’ll fight hard to make the case for record expungement on your behalf.

When you’ve been arrested, everyday adult responsibilities – like finding a home to rent, securing employment, and getting a loan – can be difficult, if not impossible. Not to mention the social stigma that comes with a tarnished history. No matter how driven you are to succeed, walls go up that you just can’t break down. But what if there’s hope? What if your criminal record could be changed for the better? Contact Grayson Cheek, your premier Wilmington criminal defense attorney, to find out if a record expungement is possible for you.

You may be surprised to know record expunction can happen after many types of arrests and cases, including misdemeanors, felonies, assault and battery, theft, drug charges, property crimes, and more. So if you’re ready for a new start in life – for future opportunities to open up – call GHC Law today.

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