Assault & Battery

Are You Facing Assault & Battery Charges?

If you’re convicted of assault, you could face prison time and a criminal record that may hold you back for the rest of your life. Don’t risk your entire future! Call the Wilmington criminal defense attorney you can trust to listen to your story without judgement – call Grayson Cheek.

The punishment for assault and battery varies widely depending on the severity of the situation. Whether you were charged with misdemeanor assault (including simple assault and assault on a female), felony assault, or domestic violence, we will cover all possible outcomes with you. GHC Law is committed to hearing your story and considering every factor that may have played a role in leading to this event.

Maybe you acted in self-defense. Maybe there were other potentially justifying circumstances at hand. Rest assured that when you work with Grayson Cheek, he will understand your perspective and build your defense strategy by tapping into his many years of experience.

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