Commercial Truck Accidents

Were You or a Loved One Injured in a Commercial Truck Accident?

To see a semi-truck barreling straight towards you is not only frightening, but traumatic – a sight that will likely plague you for years to come. These victims deserve fair and just compensation for their injuries, as well as for emotional damages caused by such accidents. This is what Grayson Cheek believes, and it’s what he fights hard for on behalf of victims of commercial truck accidents in the Wilmington, NC, area.

Commercial trucks are typically much larger and heavier than the average vehicle, which means the damage they cause in an accident can be substantially greater – and more life-threatening. If you or someone you know has been involved in a commercial truck accident, GHC Law is here to answer your questions and to help you determine the best steps to take next.

Medical bill payments and missed income during accident recovery are at the top of the list of what should be recovered, but Grayson Cheek will also rightfully fight for damages due to the emotional stress and physical pain suffered by his clients. Want to know what other types of compensation may be available to you if you’ve been involved in a truck accident? Reach out to GHC Law today!

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